Claesen group Photos

The Claesen group is comprised of diverse individuals consisting of a postdoctoral fellow, graduate students and undergraduate students from multiple schools, and a research technician. While each individual pursues their own interests and projects, ranging from bacterial genetics to in vivo microbiome models of cardiometabolic diseases and cancer prevention, the Claesen group still works closely and collaboratively as a whole to ultimately unravel the mechanisms of the gut microbiome.

The Lab and Facilities

Within the lab, Claesen group members have access to a variety of instruments including, HPLC, anaerobic chamber, rotovap, bacteria/tissue culturing hood, and molecular biology.
We work together with the LRI core facilities for our glassware and culture media, metabolomics, proteomics, imaging microscopy, flow cytometry, microbiome sequencing, as well as conventional and germ-free mouse experiments.

CvMS Door Decorating Contest

The Cardiovascular and Metabolic Sciences department of the Lerner Research Institute annually hosts a lab door decorating contest. Together, with the neighboring Ahern lab, we have placed in the top three for the past three consecutive years for our fun and interactive designs. The Claesen group enjoys being creative and participating in building a positive research environment.

Group Get-togethers

The Claesen group enjoys celebrating and getting together. Whether it be a birthday celebration, graduate student appreciation week, or just the end of a busy week, it is never a surprise to see doughnuts outside of NC1-135. Each of us come from different states or countries and know the importance of social connections and gatherings. We look forward to returning to exploring the activities within the surrounding Cleveland area safely as a group.